A single window to the most powerful business applications and services tailormade for Developers and the easiest way to get the power of Mobile Marketing for your projects. Easy to use, economical and feature rich, its everthing you may ever need. Besides a CRM, it connects your business to the largest Real Estate Network, run marketing campaigns, use powerful Mobile Apps and many other marketing and enterprise services - all available through one single window.



Mobile Apps

A range of over 12 integrated mobile Apps to choose from.

Basic Apps

Simple apps to make your business processes more efficient. Easy to use and simple to implement.

Consumer Apps

Apps to manage the customer lifecycle. Everything the customer needs from the prospect stage to a happy resident.

Advanced Apps

Manage everything on your website from your mobile, or manage the entire sales process and team. Our advanced apps are built to be powerful.

Mobile Brochures

Smarter, live, intelligent, interactive and Eco Friendly. Its time to stop printing brochures. Its time to just download them to the mobile and keep them with the customer at all times.

Lead Campaigns

Get instant campaigns going starting at as low as Rs.30,000. No website needed, no digital agency needed.

True Leads

Channel Leads

Premium Leads

Special Leads


The most simple yet powerful Real Estate CRM ever made. Feature rich, yet simple enough to be used and affordable. With integrated features and services, it offers everything as and when you need it

Manage Inventory

Lead management



Teams and Tasks

After Sales


Payments & collections

Discover, Connect and Communicate with Real Estate agents around your projects or in your key markets. With a simple content management system, publish content, manage leads & transactions, rewards and much more.

Content Hub

Imagine all your Project Contents in one single place, ready to be shared through an email, SMS, an App and several other tools.





360 degree views

Live Feeds

Site Images



All communication handled. Be it leads, customers, agents, employees.



App Notifications

Cloud based Telephony

Customised Solutions

With over 50 customised projects delivered across premium developers, we enable complex business solutions to be simplified.

Loyalty & engagement

Specialised engagement services, Loyalty Management for Channel Partners, Customer delight for customers and Referral Programs.